Why the NBA’s Basketball Africa League is important

The new men’s league received a huge endorsement when the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, attended its launch.

Michael Jordan doesn’t just turn up at a lunch, unless there is something in it for Michael Jordan. He will be there when Jordan is being celebrated or his brand is releasing a new clothing line or shoe.

Otherwise, Michael Jordan is busy when you call. So it was a big deal when the greatest basketball player of all time and one of mankind’s most impressive athletes turned up at a lunch function at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, on 15 February during the American National Basketball Association’s All-Star Weekend.

He wasn’t the guest of honour, but he was at the function and if he is in attendance, it garners attention. The NBA’s announcement that it will be creating a new professional basketball league in Africa is worthy of attention, and getting Jordan to attend the launch illustrates just how serious the NBA is about the venture.

This article was initially published at NewFrame

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